Friday, May 31, 2013

A Weekend of Bike Polo in Columbus

This past Saturday I spent some time in Columbus at the inaugural Midwestivus For The Rest Of Us bike polo tournament. Cody Goshorn of Columbus Bike Polo organized the tournament as a low-key alternative to the North American Hardcourt Midwest Regional Qualifier also taking place over the weekend. Eleven teams participated in Midwestivus, the vast majority of which were co-ed, and 3 of which were all female. It was awesome to see so many women on the court!

Cunning Stunts versus?...

The Wholesome Midwestern Girls from Bloomington

On Sunday we went and hung out at the actual NAH Midwest Qualifier. Twenty-nine teams were competing for 9 spots at Nationals in August. This was Cincinnati's third year competing in the tournament. Three years ago we came in 20th, last year we came in 13th, and this year.....we came in 5th place!!! Congratulations to Alan, Chris, and Ian who kicked some serious butt and will be the first Cincinnati team to ever compete at Nationals!

Chris versus Milwaukee

Some guy who looks like Alan but wears a shirt


Watching bike polo all weekend (especially so many women playing polo at Midwestivus) has inspired me to give it a try again! (I went to a Newbie Day last year and had a lot of fun, but my inherent lack of athleticism and a distaste for embarrassing myself publically discouraged me from playing more.) But like I said, I'm feeling empowered, so my friend Joe and I have organized a Ladies-Only Bike Polo Newbie Day for June 16th. It'll be fun, low-key, and less embarrassing without all the super-competitive men watching us. If you're a woman and you're interested in learning how to play bike polo, come check it out!

Joe is hoping to continue organizing co-ed Newbie Days once-a-month-ish, and in the future you can find those advertised at