Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Octopus ArtRack

I drive past the School for Creative and Performing Arts everyday on my way to work, and a few days ago I noticed this colorful new sculpture out front. Of course my first thought was, "I bet you could lock a bike to that!" I went over today to investigate, and after accosting some high school students I learned that it is indeed a bike rack! I'm assuming it's an ArtWorks ArtRack, but no plaque has been installed yet so I can't be sure. Each of the six tentacles has a unique colored icon at the top: a sun, a molecule, a heart, an apple, a moon, and a brain. It'll be interesting to learn the meaning behind the symbols.

I didn't have a bike with me to try it out, but it appears that the holes in the tentacles are varied enough in size and location that the rack should be easily usable with either a U-lock or a cable lock on any type of bicycle frame. I can't wait to see it filled up with bikes this spring!

Octopus ArtRack at the School for the Creative and Performing Arts